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The Scoopie is a 3-in-1 scoop, funnel, and container that makes it easier to store dry powders in a gym bag until you’re ready to mix your pre-workout, post-workout or daily nutrition shake.
  • MESS-FREE, SPILL PROOF DESIGN – Designed to eliminate messes or spills in the car or on the counter
  • BPA FREE, DISHWASHER SAFE PLASTIC – Crafted with heavy-duty PP plastic, these American made supplement storage containers are stain and odor resistant, clean up easily, and are completely food-grade safe.


Product Specs


Our 80cc Scoopie can hold 1+ scoops of either our Performance Energy or Workout Energy Powders.

1 serving UCAN Performance Energy = 60 cc. 1 serving UCAN Workout Energy = 43cc.