Loren Nelson


Loren founded NEM after searching for many years to find out the reason why he thrives off the pursuit of sport and business. After years of searching for this answer he came up with because nothing else matters. A flow state of mind he believes everyone is in pursuit of in their own respective journeys in life. He created NEM as a two-fold solution to help all levels of brand ambassador athletes build their sponsorship portfolio from entry level athletes to the most elite all the while providing fans the ability to navigate the crowded athletic gear market.



Because Nothing Else Matters Co. is an online store for fans to buy all of their favourite triathletes gear in one place. Shop on here to find both athletes and teams with their partner companies products. They will share why they personally use each product and will give you a place to purchase all of the gear you see them use on social media; in one convenient place. If you see something an athlete is wearing and cannot find it on our website, shoot us a message! We'd love to help source it for you.


  • Fans navigate many athletes gear and why they use it in one place - purchase from many of your favourite athletes gear all at once. Shop Now!
  • Athletes have one spot to host your very own retail store, connect closer to your fans while reaching targets for partnership agreements. Apply Now!
  • Partners acquire an additional low risk retail outlet allowing your products to be shown to more fans - capitalize on the many sponsors athletes have in their portfolio. Apply Now! 

We are on a mission to get fellow professional triathletes, partner companies and most of all fans to the place where nothing else matters. Because Nothing Else Matters.


Why is a question many wonder. What is my purpose. What is the reason for getting up in the morning. Our reason is to get to the place where nothing else matters, because nothing else matters. Where thoughts disappear, success, accomplishment, fulfillment and most of all confidence flows into your body like you are the king of the earth. This is why.