1. Where is NEM located?


NEM is located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. We operate online only and do not have a physical address.




2. Why does NEM have other companies products?


NEM is a supplier of a wide range of top quality products that get us to the place where nothing else matters, and we believe it will do the same for you. We source our products from trusted companies that will deliver the goods. NEM originated from Loren Nelson who is a professional triathlete, from trial and error he personally uses all of the products on the website to ensure the utmost quality of the products NEM sells.



3. Why NEM?


Loren started NEM after searching far and wide to find the reason why he continues to pursue a sport where, on the surface, there is little to no value to his life. But is it for nothing? He found that losing thoughts all thoughts is the place where he prefers life the most, and to do that, you need to pursue your passion to the fullest. 

Why is a question many wonder. What is my purpose. What is the reason for getting up in the morning. Our reason is to get to the place where nothing else matters, because nothing else matters. Where thoughts disappear, success, accomplishment, fulfillment and most of all confidence flows into your body like you are the king of the earth. This is why.