Indoor Outdoor Bundle - Custom Swimming Goggles - RTS
Indoor Outdoor Bundle - Custom Swimming Goggles - RTS
Indoor Outdoor Bundle - Custom Swimming Goggles - RTS
Indoor Outdoor Bundle - Custom Swimming Goggles - RTS

Indoor Outdoor Bundle - Custom Swimming Goggles - RTS

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This is the world’s first made-to-order custom-fit goggles.

Our innovative and technically advanced goggles feature UV-protected lenses with a unique shape and superior peripheral vision. Our goggles are crafted using best-in-class materials and our innovative Optimal Fitting Technology (OFT) which shapes the googles to your unique facial structure.

This exclusive set of 2 x goggles is everything you need as a multipurpose swimmer. BLUE MAGIC will let in the maximum amount of light, providing superb clarity of vision for swimming indoor or outdoor – especially in low-light/overcast conditions. The BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD is slightly blue-tinted and gives a beautiful clear wide outlook through the gold mirror, it’s the perfect all-condition goggle and will propel you through all conditions.

BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD Is our most versatile tint that will work very well in all conditions.

BLUE MAGIC Our non-mirrored collection is ideal for indoor swimming, or for outdoor swimming when light exposure is not too significant. Our non-mirrored collection comes in four distinct colors to meet your personal preference.

The set only sold to fit one unique person. All goggles are shipped free of charge, worldwide.



You will receive an email upon order with a coupon to retrieve your goggles from . You will click the link and checkout using the code in the email to place the order with themagic5, this enters you into the below process. These are completely custom goggles so this ensures you receive proper instructions on completing your 3D Face Scan from TheMagic5.

*after checkout of your items on you will receive an email with these simple steps to complete your scan in less than 3 minutes. Easy.


Check your email for instructions on how to download our app and complete your face scan.



Download our app and click "link scan to order" to complete your face scan.

Give us a day or two to verify your scan and send it off to our factory for production.

Download link for iOS and Android.



From TheMagic5 factory in North Carolina, the production team takes your face scan to create a custom fitting goggle using our Optimal Fitting Technology. After that, they are shipped them directly to you so you can get back in the pool.

Production Time:
5 days.

Shipping Time:
USA: 5 days
International 10-14 days


Customer service:

TheMagic5 customer service team is ready to help you out in case you have any questions. You can reach them at and will respond within hours.
After checkout, you will also receive a direct customer service number.